Men's Travel Bags

Span the earth in structured form thanks to these Italian travel cases. Each of these roomy travel cases are built to get through a great deal of arduous use, and even rendering your excursions a little easier. If you'd like luggage which will go through some substantial wear and tear, you can get precisely that at Fenzo Italian Bags. Regardless of the mileage used on our hottest travel luggage, our leather bags give new definition to being over-used, as they simply get a little more distinguished as time goes by. When buying travel totes, you need a travel bag that's generally well suited to your outlook on life. We fully understand one size doesn’t fit all, and that is why there's a case for just about any occasion. Regardless of which tote you select, you're certain to wear it well. Shop Fenzo Italian Bags for travel cases in addition to carry-on baggage that are best suited for your preferences.

The Venezia Grande Men’s Italian Leather Bag is a timeless and sporty duffle bag. It was designed with the fashionable and professional traveler in mind, a classic duffle that will never go out of style.
The Trastevere Men’s Italian Leather Duffel Bag has a great design and amazing value and is great as travel luggage or just for every day use. Convenient, as it fits nicely into an airline’s overhead compartment so you can make a quick exit from the airport.
​​The Milano Men’s Italian Leather Trolley Bag has a carry-on feature, so you have the option to carry the duffle bag for faster mobility in case it is difficult to use the wheels, especially on rough and uneven terrain.